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an introduction or something

an introduction or something

Who are we and why are we here?

Who are we? Good question. 

Why are we here? Maybe to find out how to answer the first question. Maybe to help you figure out your own answer to the first question. Maybe simply to write. To solidify thoughts. To feel heard if not even a single soul reads these words. Heard by ourselves. 

We are some couple. 

Just some couple among the millions and millions of couples in the world. Just some individuals among the billions of individuals in the world. 

A quick backstory of “us”:
(From Jen's perspective)

Since I was in second grade and Mitch was in third grade, we attended the same church and school. In my eighth grade I developed a big crush on him, and for a time we flirted but let it go (or Mitch thought he’d like to keep flirting with everyone else too, whatever*). I equated him to the dreamy Edward Cullen - the biggest heartthrob of the time period for me - but moved on  until we became the magical “boyfriend/girlfriend” three years later at the end of my eleventh grade. Two years afterwards we got married (yep, I was 18). Now here we are nearly 4 years later, happy and still figuring this life out together. 

(*I did too.) 

A quick backstory on Jen

I have to start with this disclaimer: Consider this simply a short and quick background, and consider the future writings you'll find on this blog your real introduction to me as a living, breathing, thoughtful, emotional person. 

I grew up with great parents and one younger brother, accepted Christ at a young age, and went through Kindergarten to Graduation seeking to do my best. I thought I wanted to become a teacher, and had planned to do so, but took the first year after high school to take a discipleship school locally. That was a super valuable year, and after getting married in May 2014, I took one semester of university to begin my quest to becoming a high school teacher. I quickly decided that wasn't the route I wanted to take, and thought I'd take on some part-time jobs while dabbling in making my handlettering and calligraphy hobby into a business. As of July 2017, I'm a full-time business woman (cue applause). You can check out my business life on my website and instagram

Hobbies? My work has taken over my life (mostly because I love it and have too many fun ideas). If I'm not working, I'm probably with people. And if I'm not doing either of those things, I'm reading (or hopefully doing more writing). 

My most recent obsession (and maybe you could call it a hobby at this point) is studying the Enneagram. If you're not sure what the enneagram is, don't worry because I'll have A LOT to say about it in the near future. In the meantime, googling about it is your best bet. If you don't want to hear about it, then you're in the wrong place for sure. 

Why do I want to blog? I process through writing. I want this to be a place for me to intentionally process through my thoughts and emotions by writing. If people read it that's cool (and terrifying). If people don't, I've benefitted regardless. I want to explore new ideas with others and start interesting conversations. And quite possibly, in a world where we to tend to hide our true selves, I think I simply want to be known. By others, but also by myself.

A quick backstory on Mitch 

*Enter, Mitch

I grew up as a middle child in a great family, having an older brother and a younger sister. I was an easy-going, peace-loving kid that made it so easy on my parents that they thought I would die young since I was too nice. I was simply content with life, exploring and learning what I could. Going through school, I enjoyed both sports and academics, especially the sciences, and being able to chill with friends all day. Growing up, I had many different career ideas. Depending on what stage you asked me, I would have said anything from vet, to surgeon, to engineer. Following school, I took a year of university in pursuit of engineering. After that year, I attended the same discipleship school that Jen did, and never went back to school. However, I am currently working in a position at a local manufacturing company that is closely related to the engineering I had in mind!

The hobby I have had for the longest time is guitar. That has consumed varying portions of my life at different stages, but playing guitar (whether acoustic, electric, or bass) has been a constant since grade 4. Listening to music has also always been a large part of my life. When I'm feeling nostalgic I will play some of the albums that have been pillars in different seasons of life and just like that, all the feelings that would have long been forgotten otherwise come back to me.

In everything, I like patterns and problem solving. I obsess over the details of whatever project I am working on, if there is something I know isn't as it should be, I can't get it out of my head. However, when it all comes together according to plan, it brings such satisfaction.

Why do I want to blog? In the past, I have ignored myself in order to feel at peace. At times I have lost sight of the value that comes from taking hold of opportunities instead of letting life happen to me. In writing out my thoughts and experiences, I am forced to explore myself and ask questions that I wouldn't have otherwise. I want to live a life of intention, and I believe part of that comes in sharing my thoughts with others - and I much prefer this method over trying to present my thoughts through speech, but that will come yet!

Our hope is that as we share ourselves, our thoughts, our lives, and our explorations that we'll somehow be able to encourage others to dig deeper as well. We are seeking intention in all that we do (and probably not being great at it most of the time, but that's the process, right?).

With love,

embrace: my one word for 2018

embrace: my one word for 2018