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My Top 10 Podcasts (and more)

My Top 10 Podcasts (and more)

Last week I talked about the Enneagram and why I love it and how it’s started to change my life, but it’s not the only thing that has majorly influenced me in the past few years. Podcasts have also been a huge contributing factor in teaching me and propelling me to growth and opening my perspective. 

It has been so helpful for me to hear about the lives, thoughts, and different perspectives of others. I’ve been introduced to so many things I would have never thought or heard of otherwise because of all these podcasts. They have opened my eyes and mind and kickstarted new life goals and journeys for me. I hope they can do the same for you.

My top 10 podcasts by Jennifer Bianca of wearesomecouple.com



Throughout the past two years of listening to podcasts, I’ve definitely gone through changing seasons of what I listen to. I got started with podcasts because I wanted to learn more about running a business and just hear from people who have been through it and come out the other side. I soon also started listening to some wellness podcasts after hearing a lot of interesting stuff from Tim Ferriss, and that’s what I stuck to for a while with a few other random shows tossed in here and there.

Eventually I felt like I was hearing the same thing over and over and over, and started to phase those out and phase other ones in. Now my podcast feed looks ALL over the place. From business to storytelling to banter to the enneagram to faith-ish to education, I’m kind of all over the map and listen to a wide variety of genres and perspectives. 


There are a lot of different podcasting apps, but I use Overcast. I’m not a huge fan of the native Podcast platform by Apple, so I don’t use it!

That being said, Overdrive doesn’t have the most intuitive way to find new podcasts to listen to, so I simply find new ones by checking out the top charts on Apple Podcasts and paying attention to others’ recommendations! I don’t hesitate to try a few episodes and then unsubscribe if it’s just not cutting it for me.


QUICK PSA: If you listen to podcasts and you gain anything from them, please consider signing up for Patreon and supporting the podcasts you listen to there. They take so much effort to produce (and cost money) and they deserve to be paid! Patreon is a subscription site where you can find your favourite podcasts and pledge $1+ per month to support their show. Many shows even have some perks for their patrons, like an extra behind the scenes podcast or influence in the show based on how much you give per month! 

Consider it, please. 

TOP 10 PODCASTS (In no particular order)

1. My Favourite Murder

A comedic take on true-crime podcasts, Karen and Georgia share their “favourite” murder stories.
Warning: Explicit content + launguage

2. Ologies

Alie Ward interviews different “ologists” and they discuss their area of expertise - like Areology (the study of Mars), Cynology (the study of dogs), or Teuthology (the study of squids). Comedy and learning all put together.
Warning: explicit language

3. Stuff you should know

Josh and Chuck just tell us about stuff we should know about and how stuff works - like how Narwhals work, Is brain size related to intelligence?, and Are Feral Children Real? They are one of the top podcasts ever (like in the world, not just to me) and have been a favourite of mine since I started listening to podcasts nearly 3 years ago. We binged on this show throughout our Icelandic road trip.

4. Seanwes Podcast

My favourite business podcast, no question (it’s the only one I listen to now basically). Sean is a hand letterer and designer turned educator, podcaster, writer, and more. Sean and Ben talk about business, and they have my favourite outlook and practice over any “business icons” I follow.

5. Enneagram for Idiots

A banter podcast about the enneagram. They go on wild rants and tangents, but I’m here for it.
Warning: explicit language

6. Out of Line by Caroline Lee

Caroline Lee has two part conversations with people who are known for their online presence in some way: Part 1 is a conversation/interview, and Part 2 is a social media Q+A. She covers topics with her guests like nudity, sexuality, chronic illnesss, mental health, and all sorts of things we all deal with in life. 
Warning: explicit content and language sometimes

7. Ask Science Mike

Mike McHargue talks about science, faith, and life by answering people’s questions about those topics. He opens my understanding of the science behind a lot of things in a comprehensible way.

8. Failed Missionary

Corey Pigg and his guests take a critical view of the world of missions based on their own experiences and the experiences of other’s they know. So far they’ve taken a look at being “Called, Not Qualified”, and the lives of Missionary kids. The first episode blew my mind a little so if you’d only listen to one: let it be that one.
Warning: explicit content and language

9. The Liturgists

“Michael Gungor, Science Mike, William Matthews, and Hillary McBride host a culture-shaping, genre-bending conversation about the most relevant (or bizarre) topics facing people today.” I had to take that from the podcast description because describing this podcast is so difficult. A few of my favourite recent episodes have been: Mysticism, Evangelical, and Tongues. They talk about spirituality and science and problems we face in our world today. It’s been an essential part of some re-shaping of my faith in the last few months. If you don’t want what you believe to be challenged, maybe don’t tune into this one.
Warning: explicit content and language sometimes

10. The Bible for Normal People

This from Pete Enns’ bio describes the podcast perfectly: “I tell stories about this messy Bible and what it means to read it with both eyes open to its problems and challenges, and to its promises and possibilities.” He has a view of the Bible that I didn’t grow up with, and it’s a refreshing and new perspective for me. Also, not one to listen to if you don’t want your view of the Bible to be challenged.


Sleeping at Last

If I had to listen to one artist for the rest of my life it would be Sleeping at Last. Hands down. In his podcast, he goes into all the thought behind the production and development of his music. My favourite episodes are where he unpacks his Enneagram songs, and his guest Chris Heuertz has my favourite perspective on the enneagram Types. 

The RobCast

I’ve recently read a bunch of Rob Bell’s books (after 10 years of believing he’s a heretic) and really like his perspective on faith and spirituality. 


Can’t say no to another Enneagram Podcast! Ian Morgan Cron (one of the leading experts on the Enneagram) talks with people about their Type with a lot of grace and love.

The Unravel with Brady Toops

A faith-related podcast that’s part of the Liturgists network. The episode that put this podcast on the map for me was his interview with Paul Young, the author of the Shack. That interview opened my eyes.

Where should we begin? with Esther Perel

Esther Perel is a marriage and relationship therapist, and this podcast is simply real recordings of her sessions with real couple’s facing real problems. It’s fascinating.

This American Life

I haven’t been listening to this one long, but it’s an interesting journalistic podcast by NPR.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

A business-related podcast with Cathy Heller, but moreso it’s a podcast about people finding their passion and uniqueness and chasing it. I usually forget that I like this one because I assume all business podcasts have a lot of fluff, but this one’s got a lot of value. 


Tim Ferriss

Listening to Tim’s podcast and starting to read his books opened my eyes to a whole new world of business, health, travel, and life. He was a contributing factor to my initial love for podcasts. 

Dave Ramsey

A financial podcast about saving, giving, and getting out of debt. Eventually it covers the same ideas over and over again, but I gained a lot from his insights and started taking budgeting and saving a lot more seriously. (I won’t go so far as to get rid of our credit card though as he recommends!)

Bulletproof - Dave Asprey

A “health” podcast about how to get healthy, live longer and stronger. He’s got some weird ideas (like he thinks he could live to 180 years old) and some interesting information and insights from scientists.


A “true crime” 8-part podcast about a man from Alabama, by This American Life. It’s super interesting and only 8 episodes of a strange story!
Warning: explicit content and language

Are you a podcast listener? What are your faves? Let me know on Instagram and send me a message @jen.bianca!

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the enneagram: what it is and why i love it

the enneagram: what it is and why i love it