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Thoughtful Makeup + Skincare

Thoughtful Makeup + Skincare

As the third part of the “Thoughtful” series, let’s talk makeup and skin care.

I’ve changed how I approach both of these drastically in the last year. Okay, more like in the last six months. 

Six months ago, I starting switching to all natural and ethically made products.

Let’s talk about why, what I think, and how you can make the switch yourself!

Thoughtful makeup and skincare by jenniferbianca.com

My History with Makeup and Skin Care


I started using makeup around the age of 14, but I wasn’t a regular full-face foundation user until after I graduated high school. I’ve had seasons where I liked to wear nice makeup everyday, but in general I’m not overly attached to using it. Somedays I’ll wear nothing, somedays I’ll pop on concealer, eyebrow filler, and mascara, and some days I’ll use a full face. My favourite makeup item is absolutely lipstick. Give me coloured lips every day, thanks.

Like any young lady, my makeup life started at the drug store. L’oreal foundation, Covergirl mascara, Maybelline blush… you know the drill. 

Around the age of 20, I “graduated” to Sephora and started using “higher quality” makeup. (I can’t actually tell you if it was actually higher quality, but it was more expensive so… ha!) 

And then that brings us to today and the switch to natural/ethical etc. We’ll get to what I’m using now in a second.

Skin Care

Honestly, skin care before this year was basically non-existent for me. I have never struggled with my skin, which was great, but that meant I also never really learned how to take care of it because I never needed to. My skin would be lucky if I decided to wipe off my makeup at the end of the day. Yikes. I’m still young at the age of 23, but I know I need to start taking care of it as I age!

Why I Switched to Natural + Ethical

I talked about our switch to ethically made clothing a few weeks ago (you can read about it here), which eventually made me also consider the things I am using on my face and body. If I’m conscious of what I’m wearing on my body, shouldn’t I also be considering what I’m putting on my body and letting soak into my skin? 

After doing some reading about the affects that non-natural skin care and make up can have on your body (like messing with your microbiome!), I knew I wanted to make the change. To protect myself from the harmful effects of putting chemicals into my skin, and to stop supporting companies that produce their products unsustainably and unethically or use animals to test their product on.

I slowly started switching about a year ago when all my skin care and makeup was stolen, but didn’t embrace it fully until about 6 months ago. I still have a few items left to replace that I haven’t run out of yet since I switched over. (And I think part of purchasing thoughtfully is using up what you already have!)

Where do I buy natural and ethical products?

We are blessed in Winnipeg to have an incredible store, Portia Ella, full of Canadian brands that are ethical, cruelty-free, vegan, and natural! Mitch and I both buy all our skin care, hair care, body care, and my make up from there! Luckily, you can also order online or check out the brands they carry on their website if you aren’t from Winnipeg. If you live in Manitoba, I highly recommend visiting the store. The ladies who work there are so helpful and lovely to work with. Give them a visit.

If you’re outside of Canada, you can still always order from Canadian brands, but a simple google search is bound to show you a few local brands you can support!

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The Products I’m Using


  • Body Wash: Om Organics Hand + Body Wash (Sage + Cypress scent)

    • I’ve only used it a few times but I’m so happy with it. One of my biggest complaints with soap/body was is that I often feel a residue of some kind after, and this one doesn’t leave me with that! Also, it smells so good.

  • Shampoo + Conditioner: Pure Anada Shampoo and Conditioner

    • It does the job! I only wash my hair every 5-7 days and it works for me. I haven’t used the conditioner because I’ve been using up my previous product, but I’m almost there.

  • Moisturizer: Pure Anada Shea Hand Cream (Cucumber Mint)

    • So many lotions just feel like rubbing smelly grease onto your skin and then needing to reapply in 10 minutes, but this one feels like it really soaks in. Highly recommend.

  • Deodorant: Hola Deodorant in Coconut Citrus

    • They probably have the perfect natural deodorant that actually works. Unfortunately they recently sold to Saudi Arabia so it’s uncertain what that will mean for the brand.

  • Tooth: Brush Naked Toothbrush and Toothpaste

    • The toothbrush is biodegradable and the toothpaste is natural! Can’t go wrong with that!

Skin Care

  • Cleanser: Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

    • I’m really looking forward to running out of this and replacing it with something from Portia Ella. 

  • Exfoliator: Viva Amaze Exfoliating Gel

    • This is probably my favourite skin care product. It’s totally non-abrasive and super gentle and works miracles with getting your dead skin off your face. 

  • Toner: Om Organics Hydrating Face Mist

    • Super refreshing and I love that it’s in a spray bottle. It also can double as a makeup setting spray apparently!

  • Moisturizer: Graydon Berry Rich Moisturizer

    • I absolutely love this moisturizer. I don’t think I ever need to try anything else. Seriously.

  • Serum: Cocoon Apothecary Argan Oil

    • I only use this at night since it’s an oil, but I’m definitely a fan of it with my dry(ish) skin.

  • Mask: Om Organics Charcoal and Matcha Mask

    • I definitely need to use this more regularly. The ladies at Portia Ella recommended it because it’s a detoxifying mask which helps balance my skin out after using so many moisturizing products.

Make Up

  • Foundation: Pure Anada Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain

    • I’ve become a minimalist when it comes to makeup coverage, so I love that it is super lightweight but evens out my skin tone. I guess it’s not technically foundation but I use it as if it is.

  • Concealer: ELF concealer

    • Looking forward to running out of this so I can replace it.

  • Powder: Sweet LeiLani Camera Ready Powder

    • I love this powder. It’s not translucent which is perfect when working in combination with the tinted moisturizer. Sets the cream and adds a little layer of coverage as a bonus.

  • Blush: Elate Cosmetics Pressed Powder in Ingenue

    • Suuuuuuuper pigmented. So pigmented I barely touch it with my brush and then tap it to get any excess off. But a great blush and great shade for me.

  • Bronzer: Elate Cosmetics Pressed Powder in Abyss

    • Also pretty pigmented so you have to be careful not to load it onto one spot, but I’m also a fan of this one!

  • Eyebrows: ELF Brows

    • An item I’d like to replace ASAP but haven’t run out yet.

  • Mascara: Pure Anada Mascara

    • I really like this mascara, and it’s really affordable. Not waterproof, beware.

  • Lipstick: Pure Anada in Nostalgia

    • My fave right now! I also like Tin Feather Cosmetics.

The Results

I can’t tell you if my skin and face is happier and clearer because I’m using natural products or because I’m actually taking care of my skin for once. Either way, I’m so happy knowing that I’m not putting anything harmful on my skin and I’m not supporting business practices that I don’t believe in.


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