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Top 10 Apps That I Use Daily

Top 10 Apps That I Use Daily

As easy as it is to nag on technology and all the bad things it’s brought into our world, it can also make day to day living a little simpler (or more organizable at least). 

From using our phones to learn a language, to keeping finances in order, to reading and listening to music - we can do it all on our phones. 

Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m often curious about which apps people use and if they like them. If someone has a better app than the one I’m using, I’d like to know! So, I’m sharing my 10 favourite apps (social media excluded) and why I use them and like them. 

top ten apps that i use daily by wearesomecouple.com

1. Language Learning: Duolingo

Cost: Free

I’ve been on-and-off committed to learning Spanish on Duolingo for quite a while, and I’ve finally finished my Spanish “tree” (what they call the whole set of lessons). I really love this app for learning a language and I just spend about 10 minutes on it every day. It really works!

2. Budgeting: YNAB (You Need a Budget)

Cost: $70 per year

We’ve been using You Need a Budget to budget for two years and really love it. Yes, it costs $70 for a year, but it is so worth it. The goal with YNAB is to get to a place where you’re spending money you made at least month ago. This avoids the whole “I just got paid and it all disappeared to pay my bills and now I have $30 for groceries for the next two weeks” situation, you know?

Our money is currently 63 days old, which means we’ve got just about 2 months of cushion, which feels so nice. Use this link to try YNAB free for a month!

3. Period-Tracking: Clue

Cost: $12 per year

I just started using this to track my periods because until now, I haven’t needed to. I was on hormonal birth control pills for 4.5 years, and I always knew when my period would start: 2 days after my last pill. I recently switched to a copper (non-hormonal) IUD, which means my cycles will become natural again and therefore less predictable. Time to start tracking what the heck is going on in my body! I really love the design of this one, but only started using it recently so I don’t have an official verdict on how intuitive it is. So far so good!

4. Habit-Tracking: Done

Cost: $10 after 3 habits

Sometimes, I can be pretty bad at taking care of myself. When busy seasons hit, my boundaries go out the window and all I do is work and sleep. I’ve found Done to be so helpful to track the things I’m doing to make sure I relax. I want to make sure I’m meditating, reading, drinking water, washing my face, writing, etc.

You can use it to track whatever habits you want to build or quit, and it’s super sleek and simple and honestly gorgeous. It’s free for 3 habits, and after that it’s a one time payment of $10 or so to have unlimited habits!

5. Podcasts: Apple Podcasts

Cost: Free

I recently switched from using Overcast to using Apple Podcasts. When I first started listening to podcasts, I really didn’t like the Apple app but they’ve made some changes and now I’m a fan of the interface! It’s well organized, simple to use, and minimalist - just how I like it. Bonus: it’s easier to find new great podcasts. (If you need some podcast recommendations, read this post!)

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6. Ebooks: Overdrive (and Kobo)

Cost: Free

We’ve chosen to switch to ebooks over physical books whenever we can, and we love having the ability to rent most of them through our local library on Overdrive. If you have a library card, chances are good that your library also has an online ebook rental service! When we can’t find the book we want on Overdrive, we purchase the ebook on Kobo.

7. Supporting Makers: Patreon

Cost: Whatever you choose!

The podcasts we listen to take a lot of time, energy, and even money for creators to produce and we like being able to support them in some way because these people shouldn’t have to work for free. Many of the podcasts we listen to are on Patreon, which is an app that makes it easy to financially support the creators we love. It’s basically a subscription donation service - where you can pledge $1+ per month to your fave makers which makes it so easy to support them.

I feel pretty passionately about paying creators. So if there’s anything that you consume regularly for free that someone worked hard on producing, consider supporting them financially or by spreading the word. Both are valuable!

8. Music Streaming: Apple Music

Cost: $15 per month for the family plan.

We also recently switched from Spotify to Apple Music for a few reasons. Honestly, one of the major contributing factors was we wanted to be able to see the song info on our car’s screen while we drive, and Spotify wouldn’t do that but Apple Music would. Apple Music also has music that isn’t on Spotify. We weren’t really using the features that separate Spotify from Apple Music (like playlists) so we didn’t feel the need to stay. Now after using Apple Music for 3 months, I can say I’m a fan! Rumour has it, Apple Music also pays artists more per stream - which is something I can get behind.

9. Calendar: Apple Calendar

Cost: Free

Finding a calendar that works for you is hard. If you haven’t noticed, we like sticking to Apple’s native apps. This might be because we have 5 different Apple devices, so it’s nice to keep them all in sync with one another when using different devices. I used to swear by the google calendar, but now that I use my calendar so much more on my laptop for scheduling the work I have to do, I much prefer the Apple Calendar.

I separate all my different calendars by colour (personal tasks, social events, client work, business work, events, etc.) and live on the weekly calendar view. 

10. Writing: Ulysses

Cost: $50 per year

I write twice a day in the morning and evening, I have 2 blogs and 2 newsletters, I take a lot of notes when I read - and I need a place to organize all of it. I like using Ulysses for it because it’s simple and minimal and I can be so well organized with all the different writing I’m doing!

Let me know, what are your favourite apps? Connect with me on Instagram at @jen.bianca

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